The essence of athletic administration is team oriented. Whether it is the athletic director and the principal, the athletic director and the coaching staff or the athletic director and the boosters. It’s all a team effort. That is why you should join the other athletic directors from around the state on your CSADA Team!

The California State Athletic Directors Association is the sole professional organization representing athletic directors and administrators throughout the state. The only team in its league! It is a unique association that brings together all of the state CIF Sections through meetings, conferences and on-line resources.

Here is a line-up of CSADA membership benefits:

  • Establishes professional standards, practices and ethics
  • Involves you in your state professional organization
  • Provides opportunities for professional growth and career development
  • Establishes working relationships with related professional organizations
  • Promotes goodwill and networking among athletic directors
  • Encourages participation in section, state and national conferences
  • Includes a free subscription to NEWSLINE, CSADA’s professional publication
  • Enhances leadership opportunities
  • Network job information and problem solving
  • Develop an understanding of the history of CSADA
  • Includes interaction with local, state and national organizations, such as the CIF and the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

As we move through the 21st Century, there are greater demands on the role of the athletic director in such areas as academics, citizenship, staff, budget and growing legal issues. These challenges in administrating athletics today make your CSADA membership a crucial support base!

The CSADA is your team partner in facing the issues of the future as effectively prepared as possible as we serve the young people of California.


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