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DATES - April 9 - 13, 2025

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What is CSADA?

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Our Mission

The CSADA promotes the profession of Athletic Director through fostering a higher standard of professional proficiency, establishing closer working relationships among state and national groups, providing opportunities for the continuing study and development of best practices, and encouraging goodwill and fellowship in Athletic Administration.

The California State Athletic Directors Association has been one of the biggest volunteer associations for most of its 50 plus years of existence. The mission which has developed is to create an athletic directors’ educational organization to help increase the professionalism, knowledge and consistency of Athletic Directors in schools throughout California.

ABOUT CSADA Conference

Membership is Now Open for 2023 – 2024.

Membership fees are $60 for a single and $120 for a school which includes you and three other working staff members from your school. Register here on our Website (scroll down to membership renewal link) or go to your individual AMP account.

You will need to be a member to attend the new and exciting 2024 CSADA Conference in San Diego April 10 – 14, 2024, at the upgraded Town and Country Resort. We are looking forward to seeing you again and to including new ADs in our membership.

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Conference DETAILS

Why Attend CSADA Conference?


Professional Development

The CSADA conference offers workshops, seminars, and sessions led by experts, helping you stay updated with the latest trends and excel in your role as an athletic director.

Networking and Collaboration

The conference is a networking hub for athletic administrators across California. Connecting with peers can lead to valuable partnerships, shared experiences, and projects benefiting your school’s athletics.
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Inspiration and Motivation

The conference features inspiring speakers who rejuvenate your commitment to improving high school athletics and making a positive impact on student-athletes.

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Please click on the link and complete the form to join the CSADA community as a member.


CSADA Conference 2024




What Athletic Directors Say About CSADA?

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California State Athletic Directors Association

Frequently Asked Questions

CSADA stands for the California State Athletic Directors Association. It is an esteemed organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the growth of high school athletics in California.

Membership in CSADA is open to high school and middle school employees and retired ADs as well as all CIF and local School District personnel dealing in youth athletics.

You must be an active CSADA member to participate in the annual CSADA Conference.

CSADA’s mission is to promote the profession of Athletic Director by fostering higher standards of professional proficiency, establishing close working relationships among state and national groups, providing opportunities for the continuing study and development of best practices, and encouraging goodwill and fellowship in Athletic Administration.
CSADA membership provides access to professional development opportunities, such as LTI training courses, annual conferences, and networking events. It also offers a supportive community of dedicated athletic directors and administrators, as well as resources to stay current on the latest trends in high school athletics.
Current members can easily renew their CSADA membership by logging into their account on the CSADA website and paying online. New Athletic Directors or those interested in joining can fill out the membership form available on the website.
Yes, CSADA values and recognizes hardworking athletic directors through awards. Over the years, the organization has presented awards to outstanding ADs, with hundreds of section award winners in its history.

Becoming a member of CSADA gives each member access to all registered members on the FinalForms Association Management Platform. Currently, we have well over 1,000 members registered on this platform.  You can quickly and easily email any one of these members from your account


CSADA publishes the “Newline Magazine,” which serves as an avenue to pass on important information, share meaningful stories, and discuss issues relevant to athletic personnel not only in California but also across the nation. This magazine is distributed to schools in California, including copies for Superintendents, Principals, and Athletic Directors.

CSADA’s yearly conference is known for attracting some of the best speakers in the nation. It has become a destination for athletic directors and administrators all over California, offering valuable insights, professional development, and networking opportunities.

 You can do a group membership for leagues, conferences, etc.

School Memberships have been eliminated. 

To do group membership registrations, please have everyone in

your group completely fill out their own registration forms on

line—this is mandatory because of the two types of insurance

being provided with Dual Membership.  When everyone has

completed, in full, their registration, submit list with first name,

last name, title, email, cell number, and school to Administrative

Assistant, Susan Trigsted.  She will enter payments and send

out membership cards.  If registration is incomplete, no payment

will be made.  Questions?  Call Susan at 714-351-1757. Or email:

These FAQs provide an overview of CSADA and its mission, benefits, and activities, helping individuals interested in becoming members or learning more about the organization.