California State Athletic Directors Association

Frequently Asked Questions

CSADA stands for the California State Athletic Directors Association. It is an esteemed organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the growth of high school athletics in California.
Membership in CSADA is open to athletic directors and professionals in the field of youth athletics. Whether you are a current athletic director or someone interested in the organization, you can join CSADA.
CSADA’s mission is to promote the profession of Athletic Director by fostering higher standards of professional proficiency, establishing close working relationships among state and national groups, providing opportunities for the continuing study and development of best practices, and encouraging goodwill and fellowship in Athletic Administration.
CSADA membership provides access to professional development opportunities, such as LTI training courses, annual conferences, and networking events. It also offers a supportive community of dedicated athletic directors and administrators, as well as resources to stay current on the latest trends in high school athletics.
Current members can easily renew their CSADA membership by logging into their account on the CSADA website and paying online. New Athletic Directors or those interested in joining can fill out the membership form available on the website.
Yes, CSADA values and recognizes hardworking athletic directors through awards. Over the years, the organization has presented awards to outstanding ADs, with hundreds of section award winners in its history.
CSADA publishes the “Newline Magazine,” which serves as an avenue to pass on important information, share meaningful stories, and discuss issues relevant to athletic personnel not only in California but also across the nation. This magazine is distributed to schools in California, including copies for Superintendents, Principals, and Athletic Directors.
CSADA’s yearly conference is known for attracting some of the best speakers in the nation. It has become a destination for athletic directors and administrators all over California, offering valuable insights, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Yes, you can do group memberships for your school or group, BUT you cannot do group conference registrations. For group memberships, please fill out the membership form on your account indicating “yes” to school membership. You can then list up to three (3) people currently working at your school only. The price for school membership is $120. For conference registration, you must be a paid member. You can only register for yourself on your FinalForms AMP account. All accounts are tied to your individual email–there are no group accounts. You may pay by credit card or check. There is also an invoice to download if you should need one for your district. If you have any questions, please call Susan Trigsted, AdministrativeAssistant, at 714-351-1757

These FAQs provide an overview of CSADA and its mission, benefits, and activities, helping individuals interested in becoming members or learning more about the organization.